I’m passionate about uncovering your most powerful and authentic self and building a life of your dreams


I hold a safe, sacred space for spiritual entrepreneurs, heart-centered coaches, and conscious leaders who are called to unfold their SOUL MAGIC and serve humanity while sharing their INNATE GIFTS unapologetically.

Your magic lies deep in your being and is covered with all your human experiences and created beliefs of who you are and what is possible for you on this life journey.

Everything that you’ve gone through has GOLD inside of it.

As you are intuitively guided to go through the layers of your human being, you are clearing the path to get to the core of your being, your soul.


Healing your own wounds gently discloses what you are here to share with others.

When you meet and own your human and divine nature simultaneously, you open the gates for miracles.

I gently walk with you on this inner journey of healing, transformation, activation, and embodiment so you can own your power fully and create the life of your dreams.

Embodying the most profound truth of who you are, empowers you and brings liberation abundance, and opens unlimited possibilities in your life.

Tuning in and trusting my True Self brought me profound healing and deep liberation and opened up for me a new reality full of magic.

I know this potent transformation is available for you too.



I am Boryana

A mentor for deep transformation, intuitive channel & spiritual business mentor for 10+ years now, devoted to helping you shine your light bright.

I support heart-centered entrepreneurs, coaches and creatives in living in authenticity and up to their divine potential, sharing their divine essence and true passion, and thriving in their soul-led businesses and lives.

You desire support rooted in love to remember and fully embody your divine nature.

You have a large collection of spiritual and self-help books on your shelves.

Perhaps you’ve been involved in a plethora of online and offline group settings for self-exploration, healing, and transformation. If you’re like me, you desire highly personalized touch and one-on-one support.

You desire support rooted in love for remembering and fully embodying your divine nature.

Most of us did not grow up experiencing pure unconditional love and presence. Without an environment that reflects our brilliance and exceptional qualities, we learn to reject and forget the pure treasures that reside within us. We learned to feel inadequate with what we felt, thought, wanted, and needed because we had a curved mirror that taught us how wrong, bad, and imperfect we are.

To thrive in life and business, you must first overcome your own inner limitations and self-sabotaging patterns, the majority of which are unconscious. It’s intense inner work that can’t be done alone, let alone in a group setting.

When you have support and someone who knows the path to hold a space for you to get to the depths of your being and meet your divine nature, you meet yourself at levels you have never met before.

I guess it’s time to give yourself the support you desire and meet the purity of your divine nature.

You feel the calling, that you cannot ignore.

You know deep down that this is where you will find your bliss, pure joy, ease, and limitless abundance.

When you receive deep soulful guidance and intuitive healing, you make room for your soul to come through, thrive and flourish.

This is where you’re starting to feel at home.



Give yourself permission to step into your power,

own your magic,

and become the divine being that you are,

crafting your best life and sharing your gems.




›      Living in the freedom and joy of being all of who you truly are

›      Sharing freely and unapologetically your gifts, passions, and love

›      Creating the life and business of your wildest dreams with ease and joy

›      Feeling confident within your power and uniqueness

›      Living in a world of limitless potential

›      Holding your energy and trusting your power to create

›      Opening for infinite possibilities and divine abundance

›      Becoming a conduit and magnet for the bounty of life

›       Thriving in every area of your life

How would your experience of life and business change?
How much faster and easier will you move ahead
in living your passion with that clarity and confidence?


It’s all available and is in your hands when you’re knowing and fully embodying who you really are!




You get unconditional presence and loving space for healing, growing, remembering, reconnecting, realization, and expansion into who you really are.

My innate gift is to see you and the deepest truth in you and help you grow and embody who you really are. 



There is also a lot of pain, disappointment, resentment, illusions created from the small self that you are holding inside and you are going to meet even when you have been doing the work for years and may know some of them already.


You will be guided to meet them in love and compassion, on the level you probably did not experience before,

so as to be fully healed, released, and transcended into love.

That creates a completely new capacity of being able to be present for yourself, others, your life, your life work.

You are going to love yourself with what you are and where you are every moment of your life path like never before,

you are going to value your past experiences and see the treasures brought to you through them,

You are going to own your value and honour your worth,

You are going to be able to lead yourself with deep love, acceptance, and compassion in a completely new way which is the foundation to become the magnetic leader that you are.

You are becoming a pure channel for your divine nature to come through and take the lead.

You lead yourself and meet others from a place of deep love and pure presence.



Your gift to the world expands exponentially when deepening your love and ownership over who you really are!



And if you feel ready to tap into the next level of your being,

bringing your life and business to the next level of freedom, creativity, and prosperity

creating a huge impact and serve better to your clients

and being even more present for yourself and your loved ones, then you are in the right place.


trust your gut and LET OUR JoURNey together begin

Boryana has the ability to hold the space of objective presence that allows me to get to the root of the problem and solve it for myself. She is profound in the skillful use of various tools that seem very simple, but applying them leads to rapid transformation and a radical change in perspective. 

- Elena Popova

Boryana established a trust that is necessary for deep healing.

From the onset, she treated me like she would a close friend, with a level of non-judgmental understanding and care I had never experienced from anyone. It’s hard to explain properly, but it was like she knew what I felt and experienced better than myself. I think that was the key to the success of this whole experience.

- Dayana Atanasova

She has the ability to look into your soul and help you see its beauty - and teach you to connect with it more and more.
Her own passion for life and development is inspiring and contagious, and I doubt anyone can resist trying to take even a little bit of her attitude.

- Mariya Ilcheva

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