Boryana Grace

Self-Mastery and Spiritual Mentor for Leaders


I invite you on a journey within

Into the depth of your being

Where your soul resides

And waiting to be ignited

To create magic for you.


I invite you to come back home

To meet yourself fully

and get out of your shelter and your cage

To the purity of your heart

And the power of your soul.


It is my sacred invitation to walk with you

to hold a clean, pristine space for you

To facilitate your growth and evolution

Through deep healing

Soul Alignment

Expanded perspective

An embodiment of the Higher Self


It is my magic

Holding clean grounded space

Guiding you to experience your body deeply

Purifying and elevating the frequency of your emotions

Embracing all that you are

Releasing old stories, patterns, and energies

Healing old wounds

Rekindling your soul

And activating miracles in your life


I walked the path

I have guided many people to their inner depth and magic

And it is my honour to walk these sacred steps with you.

Hi, I am Boryana,

An energy mastery and spiritual mentor for

High-level entrepreneurs and leaders

who desire to know and express themselves fully

and align their soul mission and business for the highest good of all.


I was a CFO for sixteen years before I followed my soul calling and started a psychotherapy, energy healing, and counseling practice eleven years ago.


I feel so excited to meet YOU in your magic and depth and co-create your biggest dreams with you!

You desire exquisite support rooted in love to remember and fully embody your divine nature

If you’re like me, you desire highly personalized touch and one-on-one support.

You desire support rooted in love for remembering and fully embodying your divine nature.

Most of us did not grow up experiencing pure unconditional love and presence. Without an environment that reflects our brilliance and exceptional qualities, we learn to reject and forget the pure treasures that reside within us. We learned to feel inadequate with what we felt, thought, wanted, and needed because we had a curved mirror that taught us how wrong, bad, and imperfect we are.

To thrive in life and business, you must first overcome your own inner limitations and self-sabotaging patterns, the majority of which are unconscious. It’s intense inner work that can’t be done alone. We don’t see what we don’t see.

When you have support and someone who knows the path to hold a space for you to get to the depths of your being and meet your divine nature, you meet yourself at levels you have never met before.

I guess it’s time to give yourself the support you desire and meet the purity of your divine nature.

You feel the calling, that you cannot ignore.

You know deep down that this is where you will find your bliss, pure joy, ease, and limitless abundance.

When you receive deep soulful guidance and intuitive healing, you make room for your soul to come through, thrive and flourish.

This is where you’re starting to feel at home.



I look into your soul and guide you to see yourself to the depth of your truth.

The truth that is grounded into the body and that expands you from within when you anchor into it.


I have been a body psychotherapy practitioner for over ten years and would never guide you to bypass your human nature.

You get to see clearly, embrace and lead mindfully and intentionally your human self.

You solidify groundedness within your body and open space within where you feel centered, safe, and confident in your own energy.

You embody the gifts of your soul from lifetimes and the wisdom from the Higher Self.


I am a quantum healer who guides you to learn to navigate, play with the energy, and create magic.

You get to heal at the core what is blocking and clogging your energy and clean energetic patterns that might be repeating in different areas of your life.


I am a systemic family constellations facilitator, and I see and sense when something comes from family entanglement and needs to be addressed and brought to pure love.


You cultivate such a level of groundedness, deep soul and Spirit connection, and confidence to lead your human self that expands your life on all levels from within.

You tap into the cauldron of universal wisdom and become a vessel for ideas that impact the world for the highest good of all.


You get a high-level touch on your business.

My unique approach and perspective point to the essence of process, idea, and situation.

We get to create in a quantum from a pristine, clean space that reflects the essence of who you are and the purity of your dreams.

You create an incredible business and adjust your business model in a sustainable way that is in pure alignment with who you really are at your essence.



If you are here reading these words, it is for a reason!

You are a visionary with big things to create and impact the world!


I am deeply honored to help you bring these dreams to reality!

Boryana has the ability to hold the space of objective presence that allows me to get to the root of the problem and solve it for myself. She is profound in the skillful use of various tools that seem very simple, but applying them leads to rapid transformation and a radical change in perspective.

- Elena Popova

Intuitive Health Coach

Boryana established a trust that is necessary for deep healing.

From the onset, she treated me like she would a close friend, with a level of non-judgmental understanding and care I had never experienced from anyone. It’s hard to explain properly, but it was like she knew what I felt and experienced better than myself. I think that was the key to the success of this whole experience.

- Dayana Atanasova

Boryana’s part in my journey is being the wise voice that always understands me and motivates me to do better, feel better and create better. Her own passion for life and development is inspiring and contagious, and I doubt anyone can resist trying to take even a little bit of her attitude. She has the ability to look into your soul and help you see its beauty – and teach you to connect with it more and more.

– Mariya Ilcheva

Data Engineer

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