The present flow of energy towards the Earth is powerful co-creation force that wants to be used for the conscious creation of heaven on earth

But when we do not allow this power to manifest in a creative way

It comes to show us where we need to accelerate change by triggering our blockages that need to be seen and released

It comes to draw our attention by strong negative emotions or physical pain in our body

We need to bring our awareness to our heart and check what this emotion or body feeling express on an energetic level, what it is coming to show us

Observe with curiosity and positive intentions

It is coming to serves you

What do you need to release?

If you don’t know, ask for help what needs to be released to be released

Until you let it go fully, there will be a cap, a limit,

And every time you will push into this limit

Feel, identify, release into the light

Connect through your heart with the higher realm and allow the guidance to come

Take time to be with your heart and to vibrate in love


If you yearning to come back to yourself and live your life fully, book a discovery session with me here


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