I see the same pattern among the people on a spiritual path, including myself sometimes ago ⁠
It is using some part of our story for an excuse why something is what it is⁠
Like it is unchangeable⁠
You can choose how to use every piece of your story that you become aware of – ⁠
You can use it for growth or you can use it for an excuse⁠
You can choose to release and create a new story or⁠
You allow it to block you and disempower you even more⁠
Commit to respect your growth and your true path, ⁠
Be loyal to what you came here for⁠
Use every limitation you discover for empowerment⁠
By embracing a new habit, new story, new belief⁠
Allow yourself to release the need for struggle and suffering⁠
Choose to believe that you deserve to be happy and live in ease and abundance⁠
Your life matter⁠
Your everyday experience matter⁠
Treat it with respect and humility⁠
Choose what you want to experience and create it consciously⁠


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