Sometimes, you invest a lot of your energy and efforts trying to manage something that is out of your control

This provokes negative emotions – anger, despair, disappointment, helplessness

And if you invest a lot of time and energy there, you transfer this sense that like nothing depends on you in other areas of your life

This feeling begins to take over even the parts of your life that function well and you feel happy with

Thus little by little deep down you feel powerless in your try to take back control over your life 

And it builds a feeling of discontentment

And this discontentment begin to define your life

There is way back to your power

First, it is to withdraw your attention from what makes you feel powerless

And then, put all your focus on what depends completely on you – your decisions and actions

And feel the joy to complete and see results for decisions you’ve made and actions you’ve taken

Thus you recreate the feeling of taking back ownership of one’s own life in every area

If you yearning to come back to yourself and live your life fully, book a discovery session with me here


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