When we went through a difficult situation in our life without resolving it
We keep holding it in our energy space with resentment, bitterness or anger
Until we are able to take the gift that this experience holds for us
We can restore the balance back
When do we ask ourselves what is the present for me here?
When we acknowledge what was the sweetness in there
When we allow ourselves to open up and receive this gift
When we don’t do that, we carry with us heavy stories and emotions
With the hidden gold inside that is waiting to be extracted
We would recall this story and emotions
We would repeat these experiences with a new similar one
Because we are holding on them
Like something precious
And it is
Because we know deep down that we didn’t get the treasure inside
Just take the gold and release the rest
Ask yourself:
Why have I needed to invite this experience?
Look for the positive outcome
Your soul would ask for learning that helps you evolve
How or what do you choose to change when you have this new perspective?
With the new choice, you start anchoring your new understanding of the present
and start creating a new future which resonates with it
Just take the gold and release the rest of the story⁠


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