SHE WHO KNOWS is the woman who knows herself
She owns her power,
She cannot settle for less,
She won’t stop until she carves her way to live her divine potential utterly,
She is brave when she steps into the unknown,
She takes responsibility for her fears and doesn’t allow them to keep her safe but small
She owns her truth, innate beauty and sacred magnetism,
She deeply honours her values and big visions
She amplifies what she wants to see growing in her reality,
She trusts the wisdom of her heart to be her guide
She allows being the channel of the higher truth
Her voice shares from her experience and from the depth of her heart

She invests all of her energy in what really matters to her,
No wasting, no disrespecting.
She does the work required to clean her filters of illusions,
She cleans and releases everything that is out of alignment with her visions and desires
She engages in worthwhile adventures
She knows all creation is available to her
And she walks her way to live it fully
For herself, and for us.

I was craving to live what I was dreaming about when I was 18,

I jumped into learning and experiencing a modality that has been meeting art and theatre and therapy,

I felt with my core that this is my path and I deepened my own experience in the next modality and then the next.


I dove deeper and profoundly into understanding my emotions, how I manage my energy field, how my past traumas were riding my present, how to heal emotionally, energetically, and spiritually. 


I needed somebody to tell me:

You are not broken!

You have built yourself through all these experiences!

You are more powerful and resilient now, see it and own it!


I had so many friends on my path that have been addicted to healing, just like I was.


I still believe healing and growing is not something to be pushed and forced but something we allow as we FOCUS on OUR GROWTH and EVOLUTION.


It happens when you are ready and open up for more.


It’s not that you are wrong,


It’s clearing and decluttering your energy body,


It’s cultivating recognition of what’s true and what’s not from the higher perspective,


It’s embracing and leading the small part of you to grow, so it feels safe, guided, and supported by you,


It’s when owning your birthright to feel worthy, deserving, and valuable,


It’s tapping in and tuning in with YOUR HEART,


and growing and living ALL OF YOU from here.


I guide you to meet yourself at the level beyond you have known yourself before.
You will radically change your perspective, capacity to hold yourself, and understanding of your growth.
You will transform and transmute inner limitations, doubts, and blockages.
You will become to know your inner child better and lead her with love and compassion.
You will unfold and activate the most profound inner wisdom that you keep hidden inside.
You will set your mind for magic and shift your focus to your highest good.
You will align your vibration to WHO YOU REALLY ARE and your most potent desires.


Like with everything I do, it is a transformational journey, blending practices and wisdom from all modalities I have been practicing in the last ten years.

You will work with your physical body, emotional body, mind, and Spirit.

I bring all the knowledge from body psychotherapy, somatic experience, trauma work, shamanic energy reading and healing, and so much more.

It is good if you have previous experience. 

Whatever you have experienced before, you will be led to go deeper.

There is nothing more powerful than to be connected with your own power, inner truth, and wisdom from within. 

It is your foundation to create whatever you desire to create in your life and business.

When you shed the layers of what’s not true, connect to your essence, and know who you are,

You tap into your power and confidence, 

You trust the guidance that comes from within,

You believe in yourself, Spirit, and your capacity to open for your highest path of joy, ease, and abundance,

You own your power and your pains,

You know that what’s for you is on its way, and you trust and lean back to receive it.


There is nothing more relaxing, empowering, and fulfilling than knowing yourself, trusting yourself, and owning yourself.

You then start to radiate all that you are in everything you do.

It happens with ease and grace,

It brings you on your path of flow and oneness with everything and life itself.


After these six weeks, you will never be the same.


You are the woman who knows her power, claims her gifts, and speaks her truth
You see your Devine beauty,
You embrace your human vulnerabilities,
You step in your glorious energy,
You stand for your visions and values,
You don’t dilute your truth with doubts and outer projections,
You believe in your visions more than anything else,
You trust your inner guidance,
You are committed to focusing on your path,
birth into reality your dreams and visions,
Because you are powerful beyond measure,
And you know it.


You wish to deepen into your truth, refine your mission and your message, embody and share all of who you are,
You wish to bring your heart and soul in what you create,
You wish to be part of the sisterhood of beautiful, strong women.


You are open to bring and receive support.
You feel with your heart your place to be is here, now.


I am open to receiving you, seeing and acknowledging who you really are,
and reminding you of your divine beauty, power, and who you really are at every step of our journey together.
Having someone who sees you and believes in you is priceless.


->> Six weeks

->> Six modules 

->> Prerecorded weekly guidance

->> Weekly live calls

->> Final Q&A

->> FB community support


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