When you find yourself feeling negative emotion that causes you to discomfort or anxiety

Allow that emotion and trace it with curiosity

Stop and ask Where it is coming from?

What do you think about the situation?

Is this absolutely true?

Usually, all negative emotions are tied to an old belief or thought

Feel the emotion, welcome it and release it with love and gratitude

Sometimes, you notice that you hold on to the emotion and the story tied to it

And it gives you a sense of being rightly and fairly

Check if feeling right makes you feel light, open and happy

Or quite the opposite

It may give you a bit of satisfaction and softening the discomfort

But it only feeds the ego’s needs for searching for revenge


Tune back with the higher vibration 

By allowing to feel the emotion that is coming and then release it

Notice how it makes you feel good and lighten

And then imagine yourself filled with love and light,

Surrounded by love and light

Enjoy your day!



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