The part of you that you don’t really own⁠
become available, visible and present in a distortive way⁠
Not that this part is good or bad,⁠
it’s about not being acknowledged and consciously owned⁠
If you are having a quality of deep seeing and having a wider higher vision⁠
And not standing fully in the power of this quality⁠
It may show up as pretending being too good or being different⁠
and attracting rejection and unappreciation⁠
This is just mirroring your own attitude to this quality⁠
The healing is to start showing up the brighter side of this coin – ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⁠
Show up with this quality – acknowledge it, appreciate it, live it, own it, value it⁠
In a genuine way⁠
There might be a bad or traumatic experience with this quality in the past -⁠
From not being seen or validated to being punished or ashamed⁠
There might be a past life experience that was traumatic or may cost your life then⁠
And you could still live like showing this quality is a matter of life and death⁠
Every experience is valuable and has a lesson for us,⁠
A lesson that we have asked for!⁠
When we start looking at this experience through the perspective of the lesson⁠
We are free from the impact of this old story over our present and future⁠
And it’s a part of the work that we are asked to do,⁠
so we can continue whole and complete⁠
to create our future from a place of wholeness and completeness⁠
You are loved⁠
You are valuable⁠
You are needed⁠
As you are⁠
Take your next step towards your personal power⁠
Own all your qualities⁠
They are your true power and essence⁠
That was asked to show up⁠
Become an active creator of a better future for all⁠
Being You⁠
Being whole and complete ⁠⁠

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