I often find myself regretting that I have missed the boat or took the wrong path in the past⁠

And it’s never the truth⁠

We are always in the right place at the right time ⁠

And if we allow ourselves to be open for all the possibilities in every moment, life can be amazing⁠

All past choices and decisions have prepared us for the current moment ⁠
Look at your journey as a journey of a hero ⠀ as a journey of a hero – ⁠
Hero, who has passed so many challenges, discover so many treasures, overcome some great obstacles, recover from so many pains, hurts, and disappointments, concurred, fought, won, lost, loved, being betrayed and recover⁠ ⁠
This heroic journey brought you where you are today ⁠
It open for you opportunities that haven’t been possible earlier⁠
⁠ ⁠
Now you brought yourself there – ⁠
Just open to embrace what is available⁠ ⁠
Look at every experience as an initiation for the next ⁠
Respect your past experiences and be grateful for what you passed through⁠
Such an attitude of gratitude makes you free⁠ ⁠
Let yourself embrace the current moment exactly as it is⁠
Look ahead with fresh eyes⁠
Be curious and playful⁠
Whit what comes next⁠ ⁠⁠
Trust that whatever is meant to come into your life, will always arrive at the right time and way⁠
And you’ll be shown the right actions⁠
Just relax, surrender and receive⁠ ⁠

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