Expand Beyond Limits

1:1 Mentorship 

A highly personalized experience, where you are guided and supported to align with your soul, embody your true nature, while healing, shedding inner limitations, exploding in your full potential, and live your authentic and wealthy life

You are determined to consciously create your dream life on your terms
You know you want to become a powerful creator and be a game-changer and to give birth to so many creations in the world
You know you should start with creating your clear vision first and follow the momentum to bring it to physical reality
Or you are connected with the vision and need to embody the energy of your creation inside and start following action steps
You are inspired to bring your uniqueness into the world
You know this is your birthright but also your contribution to this wonderful life
You are ready to follow your path to uplift, inspire, ignite your inner flame and become contagious for others to grow also

You are thrilled to infuse life with your Soul essence
And start playing with your creative power
And unleash your innate potential that waits your permission


When you come back to yourself and your inner wisdom
There is no more effort and hard work
Everything comes with ease and joy
You will become master of recognizing the tricks and limitations of the mind and deciding to be the best for yourself, your loved ones and your community
The world needs you as you are – no need to hide anymore, no space for playing small
Bring your innate genius and original qualities out
Honor it and allow it to become radiant and recognizable
You are a Divine being and if you only step out and allow the Divine to guide you will find the path of easiness, joy and abundant living

What would your life, your business, your relationships, your finances look like
if you allow yourself to live your essence and innate genius to the fullest?

Allow yourself to be surprised by the possibilities.

And stand up for yourself, your dreams and your life.


Give yourself permission to be fully you – bold, creative, and unapologetic.

Unfolding your true essence is the key to live a content, confident and abundant life.

Do you choose to live with passion and shine your light?

Do you choose for your loved ones to be gifted with your real you and true radiance?

Do you choose your work to be touched by your deeper wisdom without hard work and chasing perfectionism?

Do you choose to leave a better world behind yourself?

Your true beauty lies inside and only needs to be uncovered and shown. 

What You Can Expect From Mentorship With Me


It gives you unlimited support, personalized guidance, strong back for every difficult decision and endless possibility to grow and expand.

You will be led to come back to your deeper truth and your own resources.

I will keep you on track to your dream life

And will help you stay focused and persevered in the directions you want to go.

To have somebody to help you see the steps and stay committed in doing the practical steps is priceless.

I will remind you of your Divine nature and will pull for embodying more and more of your divine frequencies that open the door for whatever you want to manifest in your life to come quickly and easily.

You will have somebody to show you the bigger and wider picture always and the path to surrender to the greatness of Life and Universe and to stay open for every possibility that needs to unfold.

You will look inside and get clarity and I will shed light on your blind spots.

You will be guided to transmute every limitation that impedes your path to create the reality you want.

I will invite you on every step to expand your perspective and show you the possibilities that are outside of your seeing at the moment.

You will be surprised how by boosting your creativity you find new unseen and unbelievable opportunities and solutions.      

You can expect to be guided to tap into your inner clarity, connecting and taking actions from your powerful intuitive guidance, while being grounded in practical steps and deep understanding.

You will step into your clear vision and create a strong intention of what you want to create, that feels natural and exciting.

You will learn how to operate in your daily life and business from such a state of clarity and openness so inspiration becomes your natural motivational force. 

You will be guided to get out of your inner castle of limiting beliefs, expectations, and people-pleasing patterns and stand in your inner truth, power, and freedom.

You will be able to stand boldly with your message and share it with clarity and confidence.

There is nothing more powerful and boosting your inner confidence than sharing your truth and gifts!

This Program Is For You

You are experienced in personal development and conscious manifestation

And need to up-level your skills to create consciously your reality

You want to make a quantum leap into your vision for life

You feel called to expand yourself and reach out for boundless possibilities that are waiting for you

You choose growing and expansion vs. safety and predictability you are familiar with

You are ready to invest in bringing your full potential out to the world

You can’t resist the yearning for living a joyful and abundant life in every aspect of your life

You understand that, to make the most of this powerful intimate journey,

you will be provoked to view new perspectives,

need to be open and curious to see and hear something new,

evaluate your own belief system and choose to leave some beliefs behind and replace them with new empowering ones,

will need to let go of past limitations that set you back and to move forward to your highest potential.

What you get

3-6 Month Mentorship

✔   Starting with a 90-minute Intensive Soul Alignment Session, where we’ll plant the seeds for your main intentions for your, your life, and your business (everything goes together) for the next few months. 

  ✔  Weekly 60-minute Transformational Sessions, full of insights, healing, soul alignment, quantum growth, and deep transformation on all levels. These meetings will allow you to dive deep into your essence, find your own resources, overhaul limiting beliefs and patterns, healing wounded parts, deepen into your true purpose, get a huge shift in your own confidence and approach to life, and much more. 

✔  Priority access to me to get all your burning questions answered. You have Unlimited Email & Private Message connection with me via email and voxer when you need it (Monday to Friday). 

✔  Monthly 15-minute emergency call to get instant support as the need comes up!  

It is time to bring back your power and passion to your life!

My Approach

I believe that we are so connected and similar and at the same time every one of us is so unique so there isn’t a method that can cover everybody’s way of self-exploration, growing and personal potential blossoming.

My approach to mentorship is intuitive and creative, combining all modalities in personal development, energy healing and inner transformational work that I have been studying and practiced during the years and also my own personal journey.

I do give you all my presence, expertise and understanding during our work together,

You need to take the steps.

I will bring my full potential into lovingly irradiate light on your blind spots and support you to create the life and business your inner being is calling you,

You are accountable to yourself and it is your responsibility for taking inspired actions in between our sessions.

And I will come into with all my love and my unwavering commitment to serve you for you to align with your soul wisdom, embody your true nature, and start living your fulfilled life.

The time for you to breakthrough is now!

Are you ready?

Next Steps

I am thrilled to invite you on the transformational journey that will unleash your true potential and will transform all aspects of your life in a joyful and abundant way.

If you feel inspired so far, and don’t want to procrastinate more and feel ready for unleashing your next level you, and feel intuitively that very likely I am the person that can give you strong back and ultimate support to unleash your inner potential and live life to the fullest, then the next step is to book a 20-minute video call to meet in Zoom and learn more about working with me.



You always have a choice!
This is your life and you have the power to make it your own way!

You can live in safety or you can dive into life and feel alive!
You can try to do thing right or you can do it real according to your truth!

 Dare to take the next step!

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