This space is for you

if you genuinely desire to go deeper into your truth
To meet and know yourself at your depth

You tap into your most profound truth
And your deepest power

You pass through the layers of conditioning
You purify the way you used to see yourself
You heal old traumas
You release blockages in your energy
You dissolve inner resistance

You come back home
Where you feel your full power
Where you hear your soul’s wisdom
Where you anchor into the deepest knowing within

Leading yourself and your life from this place
Is powerful, effortless, joyful


This space is for you

If you are willing to be seen and held in your fullness
If you desire to step out of habitual patterns
And live your life from the frequency of Love and Oneness

You find the deepest truth within
You lead your human with Divine presence
You trust your truth and inner guidance
You learn to play with the energy
Your curiosity is ignited when you don’t know
Your playfulness is turned on
Your creativity and imagination are on fire

You lead from the depth and innocence of your soul
And lead with desire.

This is a deep transformational space of healing, activation, and embodying your full power and the deepest truth of who you are.
The ripples of goodness follow in every area of your life.


This space is for you

if you are ready for quantum leaps
If you are willing to show up in your fullness
If your desire clean, pure communication
And infinite support to get to the depth of who you are
And show up in your highest expression

The Essence is the truth of who you are in high definition
It’s the core of your truth
It’s the very substance of who you are

If you feel the power of my words,
If you resonate with the frequency of my words
And you feel full YES within,
I am honored to meet you inside.

Hi, beautiful soul!

I am Boryana,

An energy mastery and spiritual mentor for 11+ years, devoted to helping leaders and visionaries to embody their divine potential and master their creative capacity.

We create all the time consciously or unconsciously through our energy and interacting with the energy of others and Source energy.

It’s my honor to guide you to master your capacity, deep understanding, and proficiency to manage and navigate energy for your highest good and the highest good of all.

This Mastermind is a twelve months commitment.
You will get an initial private session and a private deep transformational session for healing, activation, and calibration each month.
There will be two group video calls a month, including a hot seat for healing and mentoring,
And rolling Voxer.

I am so devoted to the transformation and potency that this space holds
And it is my deep pleasure and honor to support you on this journey.

You can read more about me here.

You can read about my clients’ experiences here.

If you have any questions, please message us here or through Instagram or Facebook.


“Her deep connection and inner silence also support me to go to that space within myself where I met hidden aspects of myself”

She has helped me to see that the connection that I was missing in my life and seeking from the outside world is actually to be found inside. This concept I knew in words but something was missing. I’m now having experiences of the power, strength, and trust that comes when I see hidden aspects of myself, accept them, and take them into my heart.

Boryana works with depth, providing a safe and supported environment. She has worked deeply on her own issues which gives her the potential to hold the space for others to go deep. Not only that, she is highly skilled and experienced and I feel trust in her presence. 

Her deep connection and inner silence also support me to go to that space within myself where I met hidden aspects of myself. I couldn’t have come to this place without Boryana’s authenticity, open heart, and the non-judgmental space for self-exploration that she seamlessly provides. She has undoubtedly opened a door and I am incredibly grateful to her for shining the light in this direction and giving me the tools to face what arises with curiosity and love. 

I emerge from this work with the ability to see and hear my soul and respond in the moment to the flow and joy of life.

I can’t recommend Boryana highly enough. I feel like it has been life-changing for me. Thanks to her support and guidance, eight weeks later I’m feeling enthusiastic, energetic, and excited about life and inspired with a new perspective to living, working, and sharing my gifts.

Claire Coulter

Reiki Teacher and Energy Healer

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