Deep into our inner truth – expand into wider reality, more possibilities and the fullness of life⁠
Dive deep into the experience of our true self – bring our authentic power and wisdom out to the world⁠
Tap deep into our true essence – ripple out this awareness of own spiritual power⁠
Move-in both directions⁠
One step in one direction requires one step in another⁠
Otherwise, an imbalance would be created⁠
We very often stay focused too much in one direction and it has its price⁠
Too much digging into our inner work without outer tangible steps brings stagnation⁠
Too much outer expansion without tapping deep into our inner truth leads to insecurity and dissatisfaction ⁠
It’s a continued dance of keeping the focus on your intentions, going back inside, doing the necessary work and then stepping up to your vision and an inspired action⁠
Do you reach out in both directions? ⁠


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