Create on Purpose

Quantum Creation Accelerator

A high-vibe container for heart-centered entrepreneurs, healers, coaches and creatives

This program is for you if you want to start a new business but get stuck in all the details, overthinking, analysis-paralysis mode and feeling overwhelmed with information and possibilities

It’s also for you if you want to bring your current business or offer to the next level but meeting your own growth resistance

It’s for you if you feel you need to bring balance into your work in terms of activity-creativity-nourishing and need to allow yourself trusting and going with the flow in a smooth but also exciting way and want to start building this way of living

Quantum Creator Accelerator is a high-vibe container for a soul-led visionary woman like you

I know you want to start building your own business or up-level your existing business activities according to your terms

You can create a life of your highest vision

You are inspired to be your best and make a world a better place

With your beauty, truth, and creativity

You are ready deep down in your heart to become a vessel for your soul expression

And to create a purpose-driven prosperous life

You absolutely deserve to create more freedom, joy and wealth in your life while bringing your visions to physical reality

This program is highly customized to meet your individuality and stage of growth, so you follow your soul calling with clarity, confidence, and passion

If you are just starting or feel you need to reposition yourself we will start with your strengths and your unique area of genius, the nuances that you feel passionate about your work and want to bring on stage

You are going to dive deep into your heart, asking questions, activating, allowing to expand and receiving the guidance

I will guide you with simple questions and technics and we will go really deep into your truth

Are you ready for your business identity to be bold and recognizable?
Who you want to be? How do you want to feel in your business and your life?

This is the foundation of your business growth –
It gives you ground, focus, direction and open space of possibilities at the same time

We will go through clarifying your vision of oneself in the business and your vision and dreams for your business
What frequency do you want to bring to the world? What do you want to grow in your reality?

Then we will refine your message and how you are going to communicate it, what are the key elements that represent your branding and how they represent your purpose

The next step of our journey is going to be embodying your new level you – releasing what is outdated and don’t fit with your vision, setting a clear intention, holding it and start building your new identity every day

It’s all about you that are delivering and sharing what you are here to be and bring and the personality that you are becoming to meet and give birth to that vision

We will explore what you need to change in your everyday life to align with that next level version of you
You understand that some of your old beliefs, patterns of behavior and unresolved issues could not exist along with your new vision and need to be revised and shifted

I will give you also tools and technics to start consciously building your new You

You can bring any vision to the physical reality only when you embody that vision and the frequency of that vision with everyday practice and devotion

And of course, every growth and expansion meet its own resistance. It’s natural but doesn’t need to stop you
I will guide you on every step of the process to dissolve resistance and inner obstacles, to hold you’re your vision, to tune into who you are becoming and take action from here

This journey is about connecting with your inner joy and excitement, with your creative and curious part
This is essential when starting a business with your heart, following your soul desires

We are going to focus on what makes you feel flourishing and expanding and overflowing

It’s not about what you think you should do or who you think might be the ideal client for you
For all the sensitives and heart-centered helpers and creators, this is very contracting and eventually disempowering

Your only guidance will be what makes you feel inspired, overflowing and centered in your strength

When you feel happy – you express your happiness with your creations, messages and showing up

When you feel inspired – you share your inspiration and become contagious for others

When you follow your higher guidance you can’t ever be wrong


What we’ll get through…

Part 1: Discover your zone of genius

  • Getting clarity on your own resources – your qualities, knowledge, and experience
  • Discover your fields of inspiration, growth, and expansion
  • Meeting your soul calling
  • Creative ideas incubator – meet all of the above in your vision

Part 2: Develop your new vision

  • Exploring your zone of inspiration that  nourishes and makes you feel happy to grow with
  • Projecting your soulmate clients
  • Expanding into the vision that would bring all of the above into reality
  • Creating a mindset for success
  • Embodying that vision  

Part 3: Embody your new identity

  • Who you are becoming that bring this work on stage
  • Make a space – Releasing and shifting old beliefs and patterns of behavior that no longer serve you
  • Set intention and fortify it with new habits, thoughts, and actions
  • Solidify your next level You in your body

Part 4: Deliver your offer

  • Creating an offer – defining the transformation and value your offer provides, main method to deliver your product or service, pricing, structure, timing and other terms

Part 5: What else …

  • Gentle guidance to get out of your inner castle of limiting beliefs, expectations, and people-pleasing patterns and stand into your inner truth, power, and freedom on every step of our journey
  • Unlimited support to be able to stand bold with your message and share it with clarity and confidence

What You Get

You will receive 8 – 60-minute Transformational Coaching Sessions.

These meetings allow you to dive deep into your personal truth and find your own resources, overhaul limiting beliefs and patterns, connect to your intuition, get a huge shift in your own confidence and approach to life and business.

During that time you receive priority access to me to get all your burning questions answered. You have an Unlimited Email & Private Message connection with me via email when you need it.

A bonus that comes along with the program is a 15-minute emergency call each month to get instant support as the need comes up!

Let’s meet for a quick video call and see if this program is right for you now. Book your complimentary 30-minute discovery call with me now

When you follow your higher guidance

you can’t ever be wrong!

About your guide and our journey together

I just love starting new projects and expanding and flourishing the existing ones 

I’ve spent sixteen years in the building and growing multi-million dollar businesses in a very masculine way of planning, pushing, executing, achieving. This way is glorious and exciting but this excitement is the one that comes from outside, from achieving the goal and pursuing next goal with lots of stress that activate the hormones of stress in your body adrenaline and cortisol and just push you going and doing

This huge experience I narrowed down to simple and practical steps that gives focus, build momentum and bring results

But then I explored the inner path of being, creating, growing and expanding from the inside out, learned to trust and surrender to the higher guidance for the last ten years in my personal journey and with all my beautiful clients that trusted me and I was happy to guide them in their personal and spiritual growth

What I’m sharing in this program is the best from both paths

In this program, I am going to guide you to create your reality from the inside out

You gonna connect with your deepest truth – who you really are and what are your true soul desires

You will learn how to ask for your higher guidance, allow the answers to come and follow the inspiration that comes from there

You will develop confidence in planning and setting intentions that connect you with your higher vision,

Creating a structure inside and outside that holds that vision,

Cultivating your creative process and learning how to turn every action and activity into a creative experience

Creativity is always giving birth to something new –

It might be a completely new idea or perspective

But it’s also the HOW

How we approach the old ideas and how we train ourselves to find a different perspective and find new ways of doing things

It’s all about a journey of becoming next level you that can bring to reality your next level business

It’s a journey of inner growing and expansion that enrolls your energy into your higher vision

By embodying your next-level identity and the frequency of your next level reality

Step by step

When I start working with somebody I’m fully committed to her/his vision and creating a smooth, feeling-good and excited-for-more journey while bringing this vision to reality

Therefore there are a few numbers of spots available

If you feel this journey is right for you, book a complimentary call with me and we are going to start from there


I do give you all my presence, expertise and understanding during our work together

I bring my full potential into lovingly irradiate light on your blind spots and support you to create the life and business your inner being is calling you

And I come into with all my love and my unwavering commitment to serve you for becoming your next level you and meeting your soul expression in your work and get well paid for that 

It’s time to be everything you came here to be!

You are ready!


When I signed up to Boryana’s program I was hoping for some clarity in what direction to take in life. I felt like one thing was coming to an end and I wanted to explore what might fill that space. Through her strength and loving presence, Boryana guided me to recognize what I was missing.

Before we get started, I hesitated a little bit because of my expectations of life coaching based on my previous experience. I’m surprised and so pleased with the process which has far exceeded my expectations. Her support has helped me to shift my perspective from mind inspired goals to working on a much deeper level. She has helped me to see that the connection that I was missing in my life and seeking from the outside world is actually to be found inside. This concept I knew in words but something was missing. I’m now having experiences of the power, strength, and trust that comes when I see hidden aspects of myself, accept them and take them into my heart.

Boryana works with depth, providing a safe and supported environment. She has worked deeply on her own issues which gives her the potential to hold the space for others to go deep. Not only that, she is highly skilled and experienced and I feel trust in her presence. Her deep connection and inner silence also support me to go to that space within myself where I met hidden aspects of myself. I couldn’t have come to this place without Boryana’s authenticity, open heart and the non-judgemental space for self-exploration that she seamlessly provides. She has undoubtedly opened a door and I am incredibly grateful to her for shining the light in this direction and giving me the tools to face what arises with curiosity and love. I emerge from the program with something much greater than a plan for my work but with the ability to see and hear my soul and respond in the moment to the flow and joy of life.

I can’t recommend Boryana highly enough. I feel like it has been life-changing for me. Thanks to her support and guidance, eight weeks later I’m feeling enthusiastic, energetic and excited about life and inspired with a new perspective to living, working and sharing my gifts.

– Claire Coulter, Reiki Teacher Trainer and Energy Healer


What’s Next…

I am inviting you on a magical journey that is going to bring on stage your beauty, creativity and radiance

It’s not just a coaching program, it’s a deep experience where you will unleash your true genius, unfolding your highest guidance and becoming a magnet for the reality you came here to bring in a joyful and abundant way

If you feel inspired so far, don’t want to procrastinate more, get ready for unleashing your next level you, and feel intuitively that very likely I am the person that can give you strong back and ultimate support to unleash your life purpose and live your life to the fullest, then the next step is to book a 30-minute discovery call to meet in Skype and learn more about working with me

Your next big year starts with one small step today! 

There is nothing more powerful and boosting your inner confidence

than sharing your truth and gifts

It’s time to step into your zone of genius and start monetizing it

If this is your next step you will know it, deeply

8-Week Program

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