A 6-week Guided Experience of Creating Healthy Boundaries

(Pre-recorded self-paced experience)

Get everything you need to know about personal boundaries from a psychological and energetic perspective packed with step-by-step guided inner exploration and building your healthy boundaries.

You’ll be guided by the exact same steps I guide my private clients regarding personal boundaries.



(FREE Guided meditation)

The truth of your Higher Self is Love.
You can choose Love to be the filter of your truth.

In this guided meditation, I guide you to dissolve any veil of confusion, align with and embody the perspective of your Higher Self.

Release Resistance Meditation

(FREE Guided Meditation)

When you stretch yourself out of your comfort zone and toward your desires, you will inevitably encounter resistance at some point. 

You can use this meditation whenever you hold yourself back from acting on your desires and don’t know where the resistance is coming from or originating.


Align with Your Higher Path Mediations Bundle

(Guided Meditations Bundle)

I’m taking you on a journey to ignite your soul and remember the feeling of who you came here to be. You will dissolve any veil of confusion, align and embody the perspective of your Higher Self and discover your higher path.

The bundle consists of:

Embody the Wisdom of Your Soul Guided Meditation
Align with the Truth of Your Higher Self Guided Meditation
Reveal Your Higher Path Meditation Guided Meditation



(FREE Guided Meditation)

With this meditation, you access the quantum field of infinite possibilities and connect with your highest divine path.

You receive the codes of divine abundance to shift your vibration and align your energy with the infinite field of potentiality.


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