You have a choice – to put all your attention on what is not enough with you or to focus toward yourself and others with an attitude of searching what to appreciate.
Your worth is like a seed that needs your attention and care to grow.
Take good care of yourself – value your life, let go of habits and patterns that ruin self-worth and build a new one which is beneficial for you, be your own best friend. ⁠
⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⁠
Here are a few simple steps that will always make you feel better about yourself:⁠
Take your attention off from lack of self-love and shift into thoughts of appreciation of yourself.⁠
Ask yourself: Is there love towards myself in what I am doing or saying at the moment? And your answer is No, then shift direction.⁠
Meditate with the core affirming thought: I value and I am taking care of myself! I am valuable! I am good enough just as I am!⁠
Clear your life from people that do not value and respect you. They will never support your work or make you better as a human being, so drop them as quickly and silently as possible.⁠
Spend more time with people that respect and value you. Express your interest and how much you value them, be generous towards them.⁠
Remind yourself to focus on what you want to grow in your life!⁠⁠


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