Our goals are to measure how far we choose to stretch and expand ⁠
We can settle to small goals and stay small⁠
We can comfort ourself that this is what we are happy with⁠
We can convince ourself that we have everything we need⁠
We can focus on everyday activities and being busy ⁠
And having excuses ⁠
Our goals are a golden trace how much we value ourself⁠
Sticking with the small goals mirror what we feel we deserve⁠
And it’s ok⁠
But then we have to admit that ⁠
Following our ego’s desires and needs keep us small, ⁠
Keeps us in a box and ⁠
stop us from living our creative power and endless possibilities⁠
When we feel we are worthy enough ⁠
we reach out for goals that reflect our inner reality⁠
And then the true question is:⁠
Are my goals worthy enough of me?⁠
You know your true nature⁠
You can’t deny your soul call ⁠
You trust your inner guidance system ⁠
You remember your Divine nature⁠
You can only follow your heart desires ⁠
They are BIG⁠
Because you know, YOU ARE BIG⁠
You know you can only follow what excites your body and soul on all levels⁠
And ignite your inner flame ⁠
You are thrilled to infuse life with your Soul essence⁠
And birth to reality something BIG⁠⁠


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