The fear mentality can be triggered every time you are on a precipice of a huge leap
Fear evokes as a warning sign that something great is going to happen
And very naturally it provokes resistance – trying to keep with familiar and fighting against the unknown
Evolution always happen out of the unknown – new territories, new frequencies
Allow the evolution to be your guide – invite the vibration of what wants to come next
Become comfortable with this new frequency ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
Walk yourself into this new reality – allow it to unfold
Open up space in order to receive it
Bring yourself there –
Align with every new aspect of your identity that needs to unfold
Facilitate your inner process – give space, nourish yourself, calm down when is needed
Lead yourself gently and lovingly
Let go all the unnecessary stuff
Choose love
Choose with love
Let expansion and growth be your guide
?⁠  Check the mentorship program where you will be led with your pace into unfolding underlying truths, resources and possibilities
You will bring back to your life your strength, creativity, inner knowing and personal power
You will learn how to look with the new eyes on every situation in life
And see all new possibilities that emerge from this state

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