Your energy starts to blossom when you act from your vision, rather than what the world tells you is possible⁠
Hold your vision and anchor it with new actions, choices, thoughts ⁠
That are aligned with that new vision⁠
Make more space in your body, mind and energy field⁠
To embrace more and more of that vision ⁠
And expand into it⁠
Stay conscious of all distortions and discrepancy ⁠
And release everything that is contradicting your new vision⁠
It’s all about your inner game – ⁠
The Divine inside of you that wants to emerge and ⁠
The ego-mind that try to control everything⁠
It’s your choice, ⁠
The choice of your neutral mind/ the witness,⁠
Who will lead the show – the soul or the mind?⁠
Your mind is powerful ⁠
And if you choose to use it for evolving ⁠
And bringing to life your higher purpose,⁠
You embrace that power and you use it ⁠
For the highest good of yourself and all beings⁠
? If you feel called to follow your inner call to⁠
Become the person your soul wants you to become⁠
Embody new identity that is an expression of your-vision-already-done.⁠
I am inviting you to join the coaching program with me⁠
Where you will be supported to ⁠
Free yourself from old patterns and outdated beliefs⁠
Give yourself permission to be powerful, beautiful, creative⁠
Start creating a new template for yourself where you can ⁠
Own all your parts and⁠
express yourself freely⁠
Give yourself permission to start creating your new reality and book your complimentary discovery call with me ⁠

Find more about my coaching program Shine and Create here


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