Welcome! I’m Boryana.

As an Intuitive Life and Business Coach,

I help you raise your vibration,

achieve your soul desires,

embody the best version of yourself,

live with ease and joy

I’m here to guide you to discover how to live your life from a place of personal power and inner strength, letting go of past blocks and believes, that holding you back while tapping into your existing abilities and unleashing your full potential.

I am the founder of Creative Academy, where thousands of people have discovered and reconnected with their true essence and their creative power to start living fulfilled lives for the last eight years.

I developed a 6-month online program Shine and Create, a unique coaching program on how to leave your old “story” behind and create a new one. The program provides step-by-step guidance that can be applied and customized to fit various personal goals: from improving a relationship to launching a new career, or simply discovering who you really are meant to be in this life and expressing your vision and true feelings in all that you do.

I graduated with a dual Master’s degree in Economy and Finance in the ’90s, and over the next 16 years I worked my way up to an executive director and a partner at an International Corporation. I was involved in managing people and financial resources in different business areas – trade, spa and recreation, sports activities and sports facilities management, construction and building management.

Then, I left the business world and dedicated my life to learning, discovering the higher meaning of life, teaching, and healing others.

I went back to the university, this time graduating with a Master’s degree in Art Therapy; followed by numerous certifications in Coaching, NLP, Body Psychotherapy, Energy Work and Shamanic Healing, and more. I spent the last 10+ years researching the human intuitive and creative processes and their implication to well-being and personal fulfillment; as well as, to the business environment and entrepreneurship. At my consulting practice, I offer services as a psychotherapist, life coach and a business consultant.

During my quest to find my own true self and find ways into the deepest experience of life, I participated in numerous spiritual trainings and courses, led by world-renowned teachers.

I am a certified Energy Reading practitioner, Intuitive Energy healer, and a Usui Reiki practitioner; as well as, Systemic Family Constellations practitioner. I am also trained in Psychodrama, Erickson-Hypnosis and Somatic Experiencing.

My personal journey led me to the experience that everything is possible once you make a decision!

I am passionate and dedicated to my vision of empowering people around the world to grow in consciousness and create the life they’ve always wanted for themselves. Through my work, I guide people to rediscover the clarity and insight that emerges from deep self-awareness, to develop self-discipline and attention to the things that matter most, to find their own creative potential, in business, and in life.

I also offer my services to entrepreneurs, leaders and business visionaries, who want to unleash their full creative potential and create better results in their lives and business and achieve success for their organization.

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My own talents

I have core capability to hear and see my clients very well and help them understand where they are, what they need to do to get where they want to be and how I do can support them in their searching or straggling

Experienced Coach

I am experienced in working with people and I’ve supported hundreds of clients in my practice trough psychotherapy, coaching, mentoring and consulting

More than a coaching

I apply in my practice many different approaches, depend on your needs at the moment – coaching, psychotherapy, energy work, trauma work, systemic approach, and meditation

Strong business background

I’ve gain powerful business and entrepreneurial experience in my previous career as financial and executive director in corporate sector that I share and can introduce you to good business practices and how to expand your personal limitations that will lead you to reach your career goals

I love my clients

As I love connecting with people seeking their truth, my clients receive understanding and acceptance from my heart. All my clients are invited to a safe and sacred space where they can explore themselves in depth and reach out new dimensions and expand for new perception of their own reality
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What am I passionate about?

Honesty – with yourself and with others.
Nature. I love walking though nature, sitting quietly surrounded by nature, talking to the Nature.
Tasting. I love food and experimenting with new recipes, as well as tasting wines from all over the world.

Traveling. I love discovering new places and meeting new people.  My most recent destinations were Italy and Bali.

Skiing. I love skiing! I thought myself how to ski and now enjoy the thrills and changes of the steep slopes of the Alps.

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