I’m Boryana Grace

a deep transformation mentor, intuitive channel & holistic business coach,

I support you to meet yourself at the depth and truth of who you truly are and

create life and business fully aligned with your unique energetic signature

I am a big believer that ideas, dreams, and desires find us

when we are ready and open.

They are looking for the best host who can bring them to life.

And when they pick us,

It is for a reason.

We are the perfect host.

We have all the qualities and gifts to birth them to life.


Then we are invited from the Universe 

to step into this vision, this dream, this desire

to tap into that bigness

that will stretch us to our edges and beyond,

that ignites our soul on fire,

that rekindles our passion for life,

and invite us to BE more of what we are.


We are invited to go deeper into our heart 

and see what more we can become

and ask what in our life can be more incredible

and trust all our inner power 

and align with all visible and invisible forces 

and become an evolution in the making.


When we decide to step into MORE of WHO WE ARE – 

More power, more confidence, more trust, more grace, more care, more compassion, more truth

We are coming into our highest potential.


And It’s my honor and an absolute joy to support you on this journey.


Working with me, you are getting 11+ years of therapeutic end energy healing experience and my own journey of awakening and embodying my divine essence.

I have a lot to share and guide you with clarity and divine presence, as I continue evolving and expanding every single day.

Working with me, you are getting also the benefits of all the modalities that I have been certified and practiced over the years – energy reading, shamanic energy healing, trauma work, soul retrieval, systemic family constellations, coaching, NLP, psychodrama, body psychotherapy, Reiki.

I come in with 16+ years of the highest business management experience and a sharp eye on the overall structures, systems and money management in your business, which is one of my gems.


I have always been driven by big ideas.
They inspire me and make my heart sing, and I plug all my energy into seeing them happen.
I was a backbone for many businesses that we have created over sixteen years.
I built different industries’ structures, systems, money management, and flow.
We scaled and grew multi-million dollar businesses.
I was brilliant in what I did, but this craving for higher meaning and depth has always been present.
I stepped on to my own spiritual journey. I returned to University to study art therapy, and soon after, I knew this was what I was here to do.
I walked away from the big business and started my therapeutic practice.
Making this courageous step took time.
I started from scratch in a completely new area, and I fell in love with very soon.
I dedicated myself to learning, evolving, and growing.
I was expanding my skills and tools from every modality that called my name.
I deeply believe I made the world a better place with every person I met and supported to meet and know themselves better and feel happier with their lives.
My inner drive to evolve and expand led me to close my office and transition my work entirely online. Meeting and serving people all over the world is a dream come true.
I am here for it.
I never stop growing and evolving.
I am here for those who feel this same urge from within and inner drive to make this world a better place.

My work is a blend of deep transformational inner work and business strategy aligned with your essence and your values, and reflects my sixteen years of highest-level business experience and partnership and over eleven years of somatic psychotherapy, energy healing, and consulting.

I see beyond the surface-level challenges that you are facing. I hear between the words you are saying. I sense where the key to the breakthrough lies, and I guide you to reach this space and transform it from within in the moment.

I guide you to the core of what is keeping you from moving forward and shifting it in minutes. This changes the way you see and experience yourself, impacts you relationships with family and clients, and profoundly affects your business expansion.

When you come working together, your experience is highly curated to your desires and visions.

We always start from your energy at the moment and craft the path to where you want to get deeper and higher.

We meet in a state of pure presence and deep soul connection.

Every meeting is always unique for you and for me.

It reflects your energy at the moment.

We create a path by following the energy in the direction that is the right path at the moment,

Something is ready in your field to be disclosed, seen, cleaned, and healed,

Personal or ancestral, from this lifetime or past lifetimes.

It’s a deep soul level work that is rooted in the present moment

And the infinite potential of the moment.

There are times when you desire a breakthrough, but your energy is not ready. 

Then I guide you to a place within where you are ready.

And from this deeply connected, grounded and safe space within 

Your perspective expands, 

Inner relaxation occurs,

And you open for the potent breakthroughs 

And new creation possibilities start to open for you in the field.

We always follow the energy that leads us in your desired direction.

What sets you free

What asks to be acknowledged and released

What shifts your inner picture 

What expands you to a higher perspective

so you feel your energy freed and your power back.

What makes you feel more of yourself,

More centered within your being

Expanded and grounded in who YOU are.

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