Welcome! I’m Boryana.

As an Intuitive Life and Business Mentor,

I gently walk with you in your awakening to the Truth of what you really are,

freeing your spirit from the cage of your conditioning,

embodying your True Self,

aligning your business with your soul,

and living with ease and joy

I believe it is our birthright to live up to our full potential,

To feel free to follow what we have come for

And to be the embodiment of love, joy, freedom, and abundance

Here on Earth


I believe that the meaning of our lives is to create it consciously –

To invoke the experiences that are important to us at our soul level,

To learn the lessons of our souls and to grow to higher levels of consciousness,

That our soul expects that from us

This does not mean spending the rest of our lives meditating in an ashram,

And give up all earthly pleasures

On the contrary, it assumes that we release all the previous conditioning –

The adopted (or unconsciously created by us) restrictive framework

which defines all our thoughts, feelings and actions,

To be free to create the life we want

And to live in harmony with our choices


I graduated with a dual Master’s degree in Economy and Finance in the ’90s, and over the next 16 years, I worked my way up to an executive director and a partner at an International Corporation.
I went back to university, this time graduating with a Master’s degree in Art Therapy. 
It was the beginning of my journey and stepping on the path of discovering the deeper meaning of life. 

Then, I left the business world and dedicated my life to learning, discovering the higher meaning of life, teaching, and healing others.
In my quest to reach my true self and find the path that leads to a deeper experience of life, I have gone through thousands of hours in training and personal experience in various modalities and approaches – psychodrama, body psychotherapy, energy healing, energy reading, systemic constellations, coaching, NLP, Erickson hypnosis, other body therapeutic approaches (Somatic Experience, Functional Analysis) and more.

I am certified in coaching, NLP, energy reading, shamanic energy healing, trauma work, soul retreaval, Usui Reiki, systemic family constellations, psychodrama with children.
At my consulting practice, I have offered services as a psychotherapist, life coach and a business consultant for the last nine years.

On my searching for the true and deeper meaning of life, I participated in hundreds of spiritual trainings and courses. And nothing was enough. I was digging deeper and deeper in my healing and was so obsessed about it so I lost where I am going to. It was as if I am getting closer and closer but something was always missing.

Then I have faced with the end of my 20 years marriage and it was ground shaking for my whole world. All my identities up to this moment were questioned and ruined. It was deep and painful struggle for the ego but at the same time the deepest healing and relief for my soul. And it made room for so much more to come.
At this point, the most compelling question was where I am going now. And I realized that for the last 8 years I have been so focused on my healing and on looking back in old stories, so life couldn’t help but brought more of the same buried or even newly invented stories. I was attracting more trauma and even convinced myself with the new stuff that was not real.
This realization changed my whole perspective to life, healing and living one’s own truth.

Fortunately, I have been developed a deep presence in the now, very good connection with my body and trustful to my inner guidance.

Grounded in the present moment, the only one that I had at that time, I found true love towards myself. The more I loved myself, the more I felt connected to the God inside. The more I felt connected to the Universe, the more I felt loved and taken care for.
I started looking forward to what I really want to create in my life that gives meaning to my life and fulfill my highest purpose. The Life was responsive to what I was looking for.
And, now, I feel connected to the Earth and to the Universe and I am part of it All as never before. And I know for sure that when emotions and stories from the past emerge to the surface they come to be acknowledged and released and there is no need to invest in them anymore.

I am a true believer that we can create whatever we want in our lives when we have a clear vision, strong intention, and deep connection with our heart, take inspired actions and trust the Universe to bring the best for us.

My personal journey brought me the conviction that everything is possible once we choose and make a decision! This is where our personal power resides. We have to claim it and own it. 

I believe we all yearn to live our lives in our power –

Knowing that what we are experiencing depends on our own choices,

To be authentic,

To follow our soul purpose,

To live in love and abundance

We deserve it

And I know how difficult it is to get out of our own limitations and those of the mass consciousness and find that life is a magic outside of them.

This magic is accessible to all of us.

My passion is to help you find it.


My own talents

I have core capability to hear and see my clients very well and help them understand where they are, what they need to do to get where they want to be and how I can support them in their searching or overcoming the straggling

Experienced Coach

I am experienced in working with people and I’ve supported hundreds of clients in my practice trough psychotherapy, coaching, mentoring and consulting

More than a coaching

I apply in my practice many different approaches, depend on your needs at the moment – coaching, psychotherapy, energy work, trauma work, systemic approach, and meditation

Strong business background

I’ve gain powerful business and entrepreneurial experience in my previous career as financial and executive director in corporate sector that I share when it is appropriate

I love my clients

I believe that love is what heals and helps us grow and my clients receive understanding and acceptance deep from my heart. All my clients are invited to a safe and sacred space where they can explore themselves in depth and reach out to new dimensions and expand for a new perception of their own reality

What am I passionate about?

Honesty – with myself and with others.

Nature. I love walking though nature, sitting quietly surrounded by nature, talking with the Nature.

Tasting. I love food and experimenting with new recipes from all over the world.

Traveling. I love discovering new places and meeting new people.  I am in love with Italy and Greece and spend a lot of time there.

Skiing. I love skiing! I enjoy the thrills and changes of the steep slopes of the Alps.

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