I’m Boryana

a deep transformation mentor, intuitive channel & spiritual business coach,

I help you embody your true essence and

Scale your business with soul alignment and divine guidance.

I am a firm believer that it is our birthright to reach our fullest potential,

to share and experience everything that we desire

and design our own life on our own terms.


We came here to create our lives consciously –

to make conscious decisions that are in alignment with our highest path,

to learn the lessons of our soul,

to grow to higher states of consciousness

and become an embodiment of our divine nature.


True freedom and liberation come from within –

When we let go of what isn’t in alignment with the higher truth,

when we elevate our consciousness and perception to the highest perspective,

when we fully embrace our human and our divine nature at the same time.


Working with me, you are getting 10+ years of therapeutic end energy healing experience and my own journey of awakening and embodying my divine essence.

I have a lot to share and guide you with clarity and divine presence, as I continue learning and expanding every single day.

Working with me, you are getting also the benefits of all the modalities that I have been certified and practicing over the years – energy reading, shamanic energy healing, trauma work, soul retrieval, systemic family constellations, coaching, NLP, psychodrama, body psychotherapy, Reiki.


Losing my father suddenly at the age of eight

was the most terrible moment in my life,

But I didn’t really even know how much this event marked out my life journey ahead

until I’ve started my therapy and emotional healing.

It was a moment when I felt drained and exhausted after years of hustling and doing more, more, more.

My life was looking pretty good at the surface level but deep inside I felt extremely dissatisfied and unhappy.

I was doing more, more, more and nothing was enough. 

I was doing everything to please everybody else in my life and there was no place for listening to my soul.

I was good at protecting and projecting my unhealed father story on every man in my life – my boss, my partner, and my mentors.

I was suffering.

There was something that needed to radically change.

This is how I embarked on my journey of deep healing, intuitive awakening, and following my soul calling thirteen years ago

You know, we cannot fully connect, hear, and open the gates for our soul to enter and take the lead without clearing and cleansing our inner temple beforehand.

It’s just not real.

We might mentally understand

but to really know it we need deep direct experience

that is far beyond our body, our emotions, our feelings which also cannot be bypassed at all.

We need to cleanse and master it so as to not fall into the trap of a spiritual ego

that is nothing more than our rejected inner parts that are disguised with a valuable and accepted mask.

There are layers of conditioning, emotional wounds, ancestral entanglements

that need to be deeply healed and transcend into love.

We need to deeply understand them and take the gold from them

so eventually get to know it with our heart

that they are deeply connected with our gifts and soul purpose.


Here I am today – healing, guiding, and helping powerful human beings to stretch over their inner limitations,

embrace their whole being, embody their True Self/ Soul/ Divine Essence

and align their business with who they really are at their core.


I know you have your pains and wounds buried deep inside,

That needs your attention and unconditional loving presence.

You are eager to open up for your soul calling more and more.

You are slowly discovering your soul gifts that have been mastering and evolving through lifetimes.

You trust your soul to take the lead.

You feel deeply in your heart that your soul knows.

And there is no more wasting of time trying to figure it out alone.


You just surrender and listen.

And allowing your life to become magic.

We all yearn to live our lives in our fullest power –

Knowing that our experiences depends on our own choices,

To be authentic,

To embody fully our soul purpose,

To live in love, ease and abundance

We deserve it

And I know how difficult it is to get out of our own limitations

and those of the collective conditioning

that creates a level of blindness

and eventually find that life is magic outside of them.


This magic is accessible to all of us.

My passion is to help you find it.

Our journey together

I bring my full potential into lovingly irradiating light on your blind spots and supporting you to create the life and business your inner being is calling you.

I come in with all my love and my unwavering commitment to serve you to become who you are at your core and express your soul through serving others and being extraordinary paid for that.

I hold this sacred space with pure intention for the highest to come through at this time.

I have faith in my abilities to read energy and follow divine guidance that comes through me to assist you in reconnecting with your heart and soul on a deepest level.

You are being guided to create your reality boldly from the inside out.

You gain confidence in setting intentions that connect you to your higher vision, building a structure inside and out to support that vision.

Developing your creative process and learning how to turn every action and activity into a creative experience.

You enroll your energy into your higher vision while on this journey of inner healing, growth, and becoming your most authentic self,
by embodying your next-level identity as well as the frequency of your Higher Self.

Step by step

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