This 6-month coaching program is customized, step-by-step experience, where you discover your own true and reconnect your own power that lead you to the path of fascinating life experience.

This program is for you

You are ready to commit to your personal transformation for the next 6 months
You are ready to put yourself on the first place and follow your inner inspiration to live the life you have always craved for

You are willing to live fully – to be more alive, to let your heart bloom, to start speaking your truth, to get back to the sensation of inner completeness

You dare to face your limitations, fears and energetic blocks

You are willing to try new ways of doing things, and understand that personal growth and career development goes hand in hand

You are ready to enter a new level of awareness that will change your life forever

What you can expect to receive during these 6 months:

The coaching will be tailored to your individual needs following an Initial Intensive Session. We will meet via Skype for one first 90-minute Intensive Life and Business Alignment Session, where will get clarity on where you need help and put together the main goals for you and your life for next 6 months.

During the 6 months, you will receive 20 – 60-minute Transformational Coaching Sessions full of insights for your life on all levels. These meetings will allow you to dig deep into your personal truth and find your own resources, get a huge shift in your own confidence and approach to life.

During that time you receive priority access to me to get all your burning questions answered. You have Unlimited Email & Private Message connection with me via email when you need, as well as some tasks between sessions.

A bonus that comes along with the program is a 15-minute emergency call each month to get instant support as the need comes up!

A bonus that comes along with the program right now is a private 30-minute breakthrough call with me as part of the program.

The 6-month program will be opened from September 2019 with only a limited number of  participants.

It is time to bring back your power and passion to your life!


Clarify where you are now and where you would like to be

Check the reality in your life at the moment and identify the areas where you are struggling
Getting clear on your true desires and needs
Design your personal goals
Overhauling limiting believes and patterns of behavior
Uncovering own story and shifting negative thoughts
Realigning you to what your true purpose and mission are

Mapping the steps that lead you to fulfill your soul longings and personal mission

Much more

The time for you to breakthrough is now!

Are you ready?


You always have a choice!
This is your life and you have the power to make it your own way!

You can live in safety or you can dive into life and feel alive!
You can try to do thing right or you can do it real according your truth!

 Dare to take next step!

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