Create Your Best Life

by Embodying

Who and What you really are


It is now time to stop wishing and waiting things were different 

but it is time to decide to make a change and start taking powerful steps towards creating your visions into reality

You know deep down in your heart what it is that you are standing for, what makes your heart beats and your soul sings and yearning to make it your own reality and live it fully

You can create everything that you can conceive and see in your vision 

And I can help you bring yourself to this stage where you’ve released all the inner obstacles and conditioning and become a powerful creator of your best life

It’s not about learning new methods, steps or strategies

It’s about awakening to the deepest truth of who you really are

It’s about freeing yourself from the cage of your conditioning

It’s about stepping into your business with the level of clarity, confidence, and prosperity that is only possible when you step fully into who you really are and start sharing your own magic and gems

It’s about aligning your brand with your soul so it becomes a genuine expression of who you are and what she wants you to become

I can tell you, it’s possible and my passion is to guide you to become an embodiment of your true self and create a business that mirrors this truth


Hi! I am Boryana

I am a life coach, spiritual business mentor and energy healer for more than 10 years now

And I am happy to support you on your life and business path and spiritual growth

From my own life experience and my practice of working with people, I know without a doubt that we are a multidimensional being and it is only possible to live our best life when we start to really know who we are and what we are

Awakening to the Truth is what  truly empowers us and bring liberation, abundance and open realities of unlimited possibilities

And I also know how confusing, overwhelming and obscure this path is, especially in some periods

I can guide you to go through the tiniest places within yourself and expand to the unlimited powerful being who you really are

I support heart-centered highly sensitive women in discovering their true gems, start living in authenticity and soul alignment and create their life and business while sharing their essence and true passion


Imagine that you are working with a mentor where you are:


›        Feeling heard, seen and appreciated just as you are

›        Taken with deep care and genuine respect

›        Encouraged to bring to light your innate beauty and buried qualities that are what you exactly came here to share

›        Being nourished to cultivate meaningful change that you need

›        Growing in freedom to create and enjoy much more in your life

›        Practicing tools that support you through any challenges that are coming your way

›        Embodying your true nature and aligning your business to your inner truth on every step of your way

How would your experience of life and business change?

How much faster and easier will you move ahead in living your passion and purpose with clarity and confidence?

It’s all available and is in your hands when you’re knowing who you really are and fully embodying this truth!


You can choose to hustle in the old paradigm of doing business with lots of effort and exhaustion,

with adopted strategies that work for other leaders, but not necessary for you,

with figuring out with your mind what might be needed and wanted from others, from the market and offer exactly this

All this has been working in the past for many of us

And we felt deep down that there should be something else, there should be another way, there should be something we are missing

Now is time to start creating a new template for being, serving, living, and expressing ourselves in a new paradigm based on authenticity, purity, and wholeness

Creating this new template is a responsibility for each one of us 


You know you want to bring your business to the next level

You know you are ready to fully align with your purpose

You have a great vision that you want to bring to reality

You are ready to expand and live your best life


All of this you can not create from the level of consciousness that you have had till now

With what you already know you can only create more of what you already have

Endless possibilities are waiting for you to choose from

when you decide to open up and commit to your growth and self-realization

On this path, you will get to know your deepest layers in a completely new way that is not only healing

but holds your own magic, your innate beauty and unique qualities that you and only you can share

What you came here to experience is

your unique gifts that are hidden and very often deeply buried inside

I am here to guide you to reconnect with these deep layers of yourself,

get in love with them like never before,

and start creating and sharing your true self from within

By bridging yourself to embody fully who-you-really-are,

you are bringing your business to the next level of creation –

where you create and share with ease, joy, fulfillment, from an overflow

and where you become living on your unique purpose

I have been on both paths

I spent sixteen years of corporate service at the highest executive level, in an old paradigm environment, where I’ve been called idealist and worked really hard to meet all the responsibilities I’ve been taken on my shoulders

Then I practiced psychotherapy, consulting, and energy healing for the next nine years

These were also years of learning, growing, self-realization but also deep inner healing, clearing what is not true and reconnecting to who I really am

Being honest, it was not an easy process for me. There were setbacks and I was falling apart many times. There were many times that I wanted to give up and go back to what was before. I met many guides and teachers that I believed that they knew better and saw more clearly what my path is and who I am. It took me many years to understand that I am the only one that knows what my path is and who I am at my core

I have learned a lot from the experiences with guides that didn’t heal and clear their own space and were only available to treat others in a distortive way

I was also blessed to meet a few guides that were living their light and were able to see my light too and to inspire me to follow the light. This was the most valuable support I have ever received on my path of self-realization 


This is what I am here to give you while working together –


Unconditional presence and loving space for healing, growing, remembering, reconnecting, realization and expansion to who you really are

My innate gift is to see you and see the best in you and help you grow and embody your true self following your way and pace

This is not a path only with flowers and roses, but there you will be grateful to yourself for the decision you take to follow this path of self-realization

There is also a lot of pain, disappointment, resentment, illusions created from the small self that you are holding inside and  you are going to meet even when you have been doing the work for years and may know some of them already. They need your love to be fully healed, released, and transcended into love.

You are going to love yourself with what you are and where you are every moment of your life path like never before,

you are going to value your past experiences and see the treasures brought to you through them,

You are going to be able to lead yourself consciously with deep love, acceptance, and compassion in a new way which would be your base and ground to become a conscious leader that you are 


If you feel tired of looking for the right path and waiting for something to click just on the next step and it still doesn’t happen

If you know that something needs to shift, but you are missing what it is and don’t know what the next step is

If you look for business coaches for solutions but only get generic strategies and tactics that don’t resonate with you

And if you feel ready to tap into the next level of your being,

bringing your life and business to the next level of freedom, creativity, and prosperity

and start creating a positive impact and serve better to your clients

and being even more present for yourself and your loved ones, then you are at the right place


Book a complimentary call and let’s start from there

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